Let the Healing Begin....

I don't know about anyone else, but I am finding the world a very disturbing place right now. I am really, truly, deeply shocked to my core by the senseless violence, the increasing number of humanitarian crises that are creating hundreds of thousands, if not millions of displaced refugees, the unspeakable acts of hatred and death, and the fact that the only solution governments of the world can respond with is MORE violence and MORE death.

In all the madness, there are no winners, and there doesn't seem to be an end in sight. Nobody seems to talk openly in conversation about all this, perhaps hoping that by not acknowledging these events they will somehow resolve. There is certainly no simple answer, and I am prepared to say "I don't know how to deal with this and it scares me!".

I created an image recently inspired by the crazy notion that if we all put aside our differences, then we could start to heal the world together. I still find this image very powerful for me whenever I look at it. Does this image create this notion for you? Or maybe something else...


This notion reflects on a personal and a global level. When those opposing forces that reside within us meet to reconcile, it is then we can be at peace and embrace a balanced harmony. This balance helps us to endure those unbearable times of pain and sadness, knowing that there is an equally powerful healing and nurturing energy just a hearbeat away. Love and acceptance is the only path to freedom. 


"Regenerate" group art show - opening on Saturday 20th September
Such a gorgeous day on Saturday, and it was great mixing with guests and artists at the Red Olive Studios for the group exhibition "Regenerate". Apologies for the crap photo! I really love the gold frame. Going for $900.


I created my first time-lapse video using photoshop to create Year of the Rooster! I captured and edited much of the work I did in photohsop, but still experimenting with the medium and the tools. I plan to capture all my images in this way from now on and post them on Youtube. I'd love your feedback. I even added a soundtrack. Be kind...




I created this image for an entry into an art contents "Art toppling tobacco", which is a cause I am happy to bring awareness to.

What is more disgusting than seeing young girls smoking? It's a sickening thought for any parent to contemplate, knowing what we now know. I started smoking at the age of 12, just a little older than the girls in this photo. The one on the left is my own beautiful daughter, and I assure you that the smoke from her mouth is Photoshopped. . I haven’t touched a cigarette for over 14 years now, until this photoshoot! If this image helps to shock adult smokers into positive action, all the better.


Year of the Rooster


High Priestess


October 01, 2014 — Carrie Webster

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