Monster of Compromise


This prehistoric monster is the monster of compromise, which the sole reason why they are not extinct today, although you’d be lucky to see one as they live in the most remote corners of our imagination. If you are an amazing negotiator you might catch a glimpse in the corner of your eye.

Imagine this scenario,
One head says, “Hey, I’m hungry, there’s a delicious sleeping prickly cat monster over there just waiting to be eaten! Mmmm, let’s go!”
Other head says. “Nah, bugger off. I’m tired and cranky and I know they’re delicious, but I just can’t be bothered right now. Go by yourself. Oh that’s right, you can’t.”

One head says “OK, how about this? We’ll go and quickly kill, and then scoff down the prickly cat monster now, and then we can rest for the entire afternoon.”

Other head, “Oh well, that seems fair. Alright, but just this once.”
One head, “Alright then.”
To self, “That’s what you said last time”.

Ah. If only all compromises in life were this simple. Try teaching a 15 year old the benefits of negotiation, when they need to empathise with the OTHER PERSON!