Well it's mid-April, and I'm reflecting on the outcomes of my first exhibition in a long time. I feel energised and blessed in my life, even though I am working full time, creating after hours, and also being a mum. I really have so many amazing people around me, friends and family, and the gorgeous Portia - what's not to love about that!

Still feeling infused after my exhibition opening night where I sold around 7 pieces -way beyond my expectations. The exhibition for me was more of a launching event to solidify my goals, and also a way to validate that other people actually connect with my art. I feel like I achieved both of those goals, so the sales were a bonus. The reality is that even if I had sold every piece, I would have only just broken even with my costs, and that doesn't even account for my time. So how does an artist make a viable living, you might ask? I am exploring other revenue opportunities, such as art licensing, and I will also gradually need to increase my prices over time.

April 15, 2014 — Carrie Webster

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