What are the cost of the prints?

Print prices range from $44 for a 12x12cm sized personalised print on photographic paper to $820 for a limited edition 100cm square sized print on Canson art paper. Currently, I do not offer framing for print purchases. All prints are shipped without a frame.

How do I order a print?

Click on any image within a gallery sections, and a shopping cart tool will display with selectable options.

What payment methods do you have available?

You can place your order securely using PayPal. You don't need an account and it will allow you to use the credit card of your choice.

You can also choose to pay using credit card through secure PIN payments. Both methods are very secure.

The Paypal shopping cart is great for two reasons:

  • It’s very secure.
  • You don’t need a Paypal account – you can just use your credit card as you would for any other online purchase.
Any other questions or concerns, please contact me.

What type of paper are they printed on?

Quality is very important to me. I only use the highest quality, archival paper for your print orders, and I have a trusted printer that I work with. These fine art and photographic archival papers are designed to last longer than 100 years.

Canson fine art paper - Archival premium quality fine art paper. This paper is more expensive, but the results are outstanding.

Other formats – Please contact me for pricing if you would prefer a different format e.g. stretched canvas or acrylic mount.

Are they Giclee prints?

Yes, the process used is referred to as Giclee printing. Inkjet printing to archival fine art papers is commonly referred to as 'giclée printing'. Inkjet printing creates a print by propelling minute droplets of water-based ink onto paper or other substrates. During the late 1970s inkjet printers were developed that could reproduce digital prints generated by computers. Today giclée prints are highly regarded in museums and galleries throughout the world.

What are Limited Edition prints?

As indicated when you look at print pricing for any image, the larger sizes are available for purchase as a limited edition print run of 60. The smaller images are available as open edition prints. The limited edition prints are all numbered and signed and would be of interest to art collectors who believe that my work could be very, very, valuable in the future :-).

Open edition prints are also signed, but not numbered, and generally are not considered as valuable as a limited edition. However, they still look exactly the same!


What about the watermark you have on your images?

The water mark currently seen on the images on the website will not display on the prints. They are purely for online display only.