haunted house

I started this series of images with the idea of portraying opposite forces as good and evil in the form of angels and monsters. They are really just opposing forces in our personal worlds as we battle each day to find equilibrium with the elements within our control, and some kind of acceptance of those outside of our control. In fact, the original title was "Monsters & Angels", however, as I began the creative journey, it took me down another path, as it often does. The story of Darkness and Light emerged and evolved into its current state. See the Darkness and Light gallery here.

Inspired by this amazing image below "Twin Pears House" by artist crystalreza, I have challenged myself to create surreal landscapes from fruit and vegetables, and of course using my gorgeous daughter Portia as my muse and angel, emanating light and beauty, although I am biased :-).

I admit, it does sound strange as I write this, using "surreal landscapes" and "fruit and vegetables" in the same sentence, and I do amuse myself when I try to describe these image concepts to those that have not seen them!

Above are some raw images of the elements I used for "Haunted House"....

I am very excited about the vision for my next two artworks. One will be based on the fairy tale Rapunzel (with a twist, and of course some fruit and veg!!) high in her tower and rescuing herself! The second will be a surreal hotel scene with a glimpse into each hotel window.

Stay tuned...

October 07, 2013 — Carrie Webster

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