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I finally finished off a my series of 20 images, which seemed to take forever, but in fact I started the series in July 2013. Is 6 months a long time? It's all relative. I guess it's pretty good considering I work full time. Below is the press release I have constructed to announce the series...


Sydney Artist creates series of surreal and whimsical images using food

Sydney, Australia, January 20, 2014 - Sydney artist, Carrie Webster, has recently completed a series of unique digital images that incorporate the use of fruit and vegetables, to create her latest series named “Darkness & Light”.  The images are whimsical dreamscapes, with elements of darkness that borrow from both mythology and fairy tales. Captured through contrasting visual components, the series conjure stories interwoven with a combination of playful and quirky characters that contrast with elements of darkness and mystery.

Each image tells a unique tale, and each contains at least one type of fruit or vegetable that has been transformed into sometimes unrecognisable objects. The artist created the series to explore the presence of opposing forces in both our universal experiences and in our personal worlds. The series is all about story telling through compelling visuals weaved amongst haunting and surreal landscapes and unusual characters. The aim is to engage the viewer and provoke deeper reflection on the possible range of narratives occurring within each image.

“The images, while telling a story, capture elements of opposing forces, such as darkness and light, good and evil, fear and courage” says artist Carrie Webster of her latest series. “These opposite elements are made all the more intriguing when the viewer recognizes that the characters or landscape elements are made from vegetables!”

Carrie photographs all the individual elements for her images and then uses Photoshop to create stories with them. Some images may take a day to complete, and some may take a couple of months.

You can view the Darkness & Light series here.

Carrie’s work has also been selected as part of the Headon Photo Festival 2014 which runs from May 12 for a month across various venues around Sydney. The venue for her exhibition in May has not yet been confirmed but you can stay updated by connecting with Carrie’s Facebook page, and also you can visit her website for more information.

About Artist Carrie Webster
Carrie Webster works and lives in Sydney, Australia. Her recent work has been selected as finalist art work in a number of online photographic and art competitions. Carrie currently works full-time as a UX specialist in IT. She completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at COFA in her early twenties, and has since worked in the field of graphic and web design. Along the way, she has always been creating and working on personal art projects on the side in conjunction with her professional life.

February 09, 2014 — Carrie Webster



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These pieces really set a standard in the inytsurd.

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