I had an unexpected breast cancer scare this month, which thankfully turned out to be nothing. However, I did spend a whole week waiting to have this confirmed, pondering deeply about my mortality. It has actually helped me to prioritise things in my life and assess what is really valuable to me. Apart from all else, I am now giving up diary and processed sugar from my diet. Health is everything.

On a spiritual level, this moment in time really confirmed for me that following my passion is an essential component of my destiny. So I am definitely on the path I need to follow. Emotionally, I actually feel stronger and more grounded than I have in a long time. It was such a confronting experience for me, and at the time, I only shared it with a couple of close friends (sorry others, please don’t feel offended :-)). It is not something I would wish on anyone and I almost feel like it has given me a wake up call. Hello universe, I’m awake now!!

So amongst all this, I have focused most of my “spare” time this month on setting up my new website, and documenting a few inspired projects for future “spare” moments that I am very excited about. One is a kids book, and the other is about creating those really cool decal stickers for kids bedrooms. Whilst these ideas have flowed easily, I have had a major creative block in actually FINISHING any artwork this month. It’s hard when you feel like you are only as creative as your last art work that worked!


I hope that worked. Sort of like scaring yourself to stop the hiccups.

Bear Cottage Charity Auction

The international catering college at North Head in Manly hosted a charity dinner for Bear Cottage on Friday July 18. I donated a framed print to be auctioned on the night, and I’m pleased that it was sold for $810! The entire event raised over $15,000 for Bear Cottage – a great effort that I was honoured to be part of. This image was taken when I dropped the print off as the staff and students were setting up the night before. Thanks to Jeanie Baldwin who was an integral part of setting things up.

New book preview - Frankie the fearless circus peg

I am currently working on a children’s book idea using my circus peg characters and a circus theme. I’m planning to accompany this with a mobile/ipad interactive app. Quite ambitious time wise – will have to try and gradually fit this in.

Decals - inspired mock ups for kids rooms


I've been inspired to mock up some ideas for decals for kids rooms. I love the idea that with decals you can take them down again and create a whole new look. I am now looking for cost effective ways to print the decals so I can test them out in the market place.


My new website launch!!!

50% off selected prints while stock lasts

Free shipping in Australia

As a celebration of the new website launch, I am having a print sale of some A2 size prints at half price. I have 5 large (A2 size) limited edition prints that have been reduced to half price ($220 to $110).

You can see them here...

I really wanted to upgrade my current website to one that provides a more flexible platform and one that can grow as my art business grows. I have chosen the Shopify platform, which I highly recommend. It is easy to use, easy to customise, has loads of support, and many developers that can help you if you get stuck. It does help having a web development background, but seriously, the last thing I want to be doing is spending my time battling with time consuming interfaces for simple content changes. If you are thinking of using this platform and you want more information on my experience with it, please contact me.

Jane Earle photography

carrie webster - artist

I finally had some professional photos taken of myself that I need to use to promote my art business. Jane Earle of Jane Earle Photography did such an amazing job of making me look good (not such an easy task as you get older :-), that when I updated my profile pic, Facebook went into a mini-meltdown with such a big response to the photo! I really didn’t feel comfortable with this kind of attention, but thanks to all my friends for your kind words. Anyway, if you are after a professional portrait, or know of someone that is, I can highly recommend Jane.



New work

Year of the goat - 2015

Sometimes referred to as the Year of the Sheep, this sign embodies a soul with gentleness and compassion. The goats are truly good Samaritans, they are sympathetic and also super sensitive. The goat is easily hurt and also quick to forgive, but the goat can also be moody and pessimistic, sometimes overwhelmed with self doubt.

The goat is also a survivor, and not the pushover that some may think. Never underestimate the goats ability to turn a weakness into an advantage, or the goats ability to manipulate a situation to a positive end. You will never know just how strong a goat is until you try to break her. A great friend to have, goats are patient, generous, warm-hearted and calm.


Anti-Cinderella - still in progress!


This image didn’t come easily, however, it wasn’t the horse and carriage construction that was the time consuming part. I struggled to get the right landscape image for the background, finally using a photo taken down at Bayview near the dog park. The International Catering College is apparent in the background. This image is still not complete. I have still to add in a gothic style Cinderella - she should be appearing shortly.

July 29, 2014 — Carrie Webster

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