Earthly Angel – the flight of Megan

Earthly angel

I am delighted that Megan wanted to be part of my portrait series, and I knew from the start that the process would be smooth sailing. I was, and am still emerging from the other side of my own three month journey through a massive creative block – which, to someone who used to feeling creative, feels like a prolonged injury that I am recovering from.

Megan’s story is about love, grief, healing and spirituality, and the final portrait captures a true reflection of Megan’s soul, which emanates warmth and inner beauty. Megan even had an original image that she sent me of an angelic creature floating above the water with butterfly wings, but after initially crafting her story with words, I really wanted to visualize her as an angel. Megan bought the key seen around her neck when she separated from her husband. It symbolises the key to Megan’s future which is never far from her heart.

You can read Megan’s full story in the Unearthly book to be published in 2106.

Earthly angel

Above: Kirra applying the “angel” makeup to Megan in Jane Earles studio.

Megan, you are such a fairy, look at that little face!


Above: I couldn’t believe how I was able to capture Megan in this angelic light, completely accidentally!

Practicing the take off….

Up and away! Perfect!

Above: The original landscape taken between Narrabeen and Turimetta beach on Sydney’s northern beaches. With a little help from photoshop.



December 05, 2015 — Carrie Webster

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