Lord of the Things


This monster is the Lord and Master of all those Things in your life that are no longer with you. Some Things are lost accidentally, like all those missing socks and pieces of clothing that just seem to evaporate into thin air. Other Things are lost forever, like your broken heart, shattered dreams, and lost tears. And then there are those memories and emotions that you attach to Things like your childhood toys, and gifts that you really, really struggle to let go of, but you know that it’s time.

Lord of the Things knows how hard it is to let go. He also knows that any Thing only has value in the eye of the beholder. He said to tell you that all your Things are completely safe and looked after, and now you can just let them go.

Personally, I give my Things away to the Lord of the Things ALL the time, sometimes without even realizing! I lose at least one Thing every week.