If you are looking for a traditional portrait, you have come to the wrong place! If you are looking for an unconventional, and uniquely amazing representation of yourself, or a loved one, you have arrived!
(Please note due to time constraints, I am only able to complete a limited number of commissions during the year.)

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The entire end-to-end portrait process involves the following:

  • A brief catch up for approx. 1 hour to brainstorm and discuss one or more ideas.
    I have a base questionnaire we can use for this to prompt our session, or you may have a clear idea of what you are thinking.
  • Once the concept is understood, I come back to you with a solid vision, and this is when most of the background components of the image are completed by me.
    I will often post ideas to a Pinterest board that we can share.
  • Meet for a costume fitting (if a costume is required).
  • Book a photoshoot time. This can be done on a weekend, or during the week, and should take around 3 hours, including makeup.
  • In the week following, I work on the image to complete the portrait, showing you the image and/or variations and making sure you are happy with your portrait.

I work very closely with you for the entire process to ensure that you are happy every step of the way.

For pricing and more information, please contact me via email - carrie@artofolio.com.au, or via the contact form on this website.