Awkward Moments


Meet this gorgeous flightless bird who really, really wants to fly. Her common name is the Flightless Orange Toed Green Billed Pootoo. Very social creatures that are emotionally dependent on their mother for the first ten years of life. If they become separated from her, they will try to bond with the next living creature they see. This young Pootoo, sadly, lost her way home, and is now attempting to find a new mother in the form of the young humans she has identified in the village below.

This image was inspired by another artist's image of a little man who was flying using two feathers in a very surreal and magical village.

It is also about awkward moments. Life is full of awkward, crazy and courageous moments. I love the idea of this big clumsy creature attempting to fly with a couple of flimsy feathers. So brave, and crazy. And the quaint village in it's trajectory below. Could be very awkward... even tragic.

See the making of this image here.