Grump Monster


When the Quirky Monster twins came round to wish the Grump Monster a happy birthday with an impromptu dance routine, he couldn't have been happier, as you can plainly see. (Oh, you should see him when he's REALLY grumpy!) There is nothing more that the Grump Monster loves than to find a reason to be so annoyed with his monster friends, especially when they are trying to cheer him up. Any reason will do really. Today, he's just mad that he was made to wear a stupid hat and someone tied a balloon to his toe.

He LOVES being grumpy, and the one thing that makes him grumpier than his friends, is FAMILY celebrations. When the Grump Monster and his relatives get together, now that's a real hoot!

I personally know people that are related to the Grump Monster, so I often think about making them wear silly hats and tying their shoe laces together, just because.