Height Chart Wall Sticker


Look carefully, and see if you can work out which fruit and vegetables have been used to create all these animals stacked to the sky! Each animal has been carefully crafted using photographs of produce, mixed with some Photshop magic to create these lifelike characters that children love! And how can you argue that oranges, potatoes, artichokes, zuccinis, cucumbers, pears and carrots don't help you grow bigger and stronger every day!

This colourful kid’s height chart stacked with fun animals is the perfect way to measure the growth of your children. Use the enclosed small stickers to mark the height measurements. Great for kid’s bedroom walls or playrooms, and sticky hand marks can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth. Kids love the whimsical characters made from fruit and vegetables – also a great incentive to encourage them to eat healthy foods that help them grow up tall!

Sticker Decal Dimensions: 50cm x 150cm tall

  • Sticker must be placed 10cm up from the ground to provide accurate height measurement. Measure this by applying some tape horizontally at the 10cm mark as a guide.
  • Recommend having two people. One person to position sticker 10cm up from floor and hold in position or apply some masking tape lightly. 2nd person to hold sticker at the top. Then 1st person can apply some masking tape horizontally just above the top of the chart to mark the start position.
  • Peel the back of the sticker from one of the top corners and pull evenly down about 10cm while holding up near the wall.
  • Start applying from the top downwards. One person can apply, while other slowly pulls the backing down the wall until finished.
  • The sticker should be applied onto a flat, clean non-textured wall, board or glass. Clean the wall, board or glass with a damp cloth before applying.  
  • You can use a small board to scrape the sticker to make it flat if required.
  • Stickers can be applied outdoors. Constant sunlight will fade the colours.
Decal sticker is waterproof so can be wiped over with damp cloth. To remove, peel off at the edges and remove. It won’t peel off paint or any fixed surface.
•    Stickers can be reapplied, but it is not recommended.
•    Re-apply immediately after removing.