Mercedes Box Fish Car


Is it a fish or a car?

The boxfish is sometimes called a trunkfish or a cowfish, owing to its distinctive box-like shape. In the wild, the species can grow up to 19 inches long, not really long enough for a car.

Yet in 2005, Mercedes-Benz released a concept for a new car that was inspired by the boxfish’s unusual shape. They believed the fish-like structure would improve the aerodynamics and stability of the car. They even referred to the vehicle as ‘Bionic’.

Sadly, it was never released. And later research showed the aerodynamic qualities of the boxfish were poor compared with most other body shapes of fish. In fact, the boxfish shape actually promotes instability.

Well Mercedes, that was a fishy idea gone square-shaped!

Ingredients: Lemons, celeriac, and avocados.