Over the moon


This image borrows its narrative from the children's poem "the cow jumped over the moon". When I started this image, all I knew is that I wanted to create the cow using melons and zucchinis. Then I began researching cows for ideas on how I could twist the scenario. I discovered that cows omit 120kg of methane each year, compared with our measly 0.5 kg.

So I thought, what if they didn't let it out...?

To be honest, I'm not really sure what is going on here, but I like the idea of the cows.

Main Ingredients
- A ripe avocado house on a hill
- An orange for the moon
- Melons
- Zucchinis
- Fresh basil leaves for the ears
- Beetroot for the head
- Fresh blueberries for the eyes
- Potatoes (the scrubbed ones you, not the ones with dirt)
- 120kg of methane gas per cow
- Oh, and don’t forget the asparagus stem for the tail