Pea Brain Ostrich


The ostrich has the largest eyes in the animal kingdom, which, sadly, are bigger than its brain.

The flightless ostrich is the world's largest bird. And the fastest runner of any two-legged bird or animal. It can sprint at over 70 kilometres (43 miles) per hour, covering up to five metres (16 feet) in a single stride. Despite this, the ostrich struggles to evade predators, mainly because it tends to run in circles. Silly bird-brained bird!

Even so, an ostrich can be territorial and aggressive, as well as pea-brained. If feeling threatened, it may use its powerful legs and beak to lash out. Never try and reason with an angry ostrich, just back away slowly.

Ingredients: Rambutans, lychees, blueberry eyes, and of course, a pea.