The Butter Dish


This portrait is of my dear friend Vicki. After many brainstorming discussions on how to best visually represent Vicki's personality, we both unanimously agreed that the Queen of hearts from the Alice in Wonderland story was a perfect fit. Vicki definitely has an extremely outgoing, flirtatious and zany personality, with a wicked sense of humor and a larger than life energy that fills any space she enters. Vicki has a contagious laugh, a keen sense of adventure, and lust for life that most people can only envy. On the other hand, she can also enjoy taking control of any situation, and will have no trouble speaking her mind at any given moment. Enter stage left, the Queen of Hearts.

Vicki had also told me a story about a butter dish from a past relationship that I wanted to use to connect the Queen of Hearts narrative to. The full story of that will be revealed later - shhhh!

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