The Healing


Mother, successful career woman, spiritualist, and dear friend. An industry leader in her role as CEO of Freeview, Liz was instrumental in pioneering the launch of FreeviewPlus in 2014. In an industry dominated by men, she has gained the respect and admiration of her peers. To speak with Liz, you would never know of her achievements; she is as humble as she is inspirational. Liz went through an extraordinarily difficult time last year, and this is the core theme of this portrait.

I chose to visualise Liz as a Hindu goddess, as firstly, she is a very spiritual soul, and has a lovely energy. Secondly, Liz has a strong connection with India, having traveled there a number of times, enhancing her yoga practice whilst she was there. So here is she is, floating angelically above what looks like a dark, lonely landscape of devastation, which is partly symbolic of the unconscious mind, and partly as it connects directly with those events of 2014.

More details of the actual story will be revealed at the end of the year.