Year of the Rat


A social personality, whose house is always filled with relatives, friends and strays, and whose cupboards are always stacked with all kinds of supplies bought at a discount is almost certainly a Rat. The Rat also thrives on an inexhaustible nervous energy with and can never stay still. The Rat's charity is legendary, but those that accept must be prepared to earn their keep.

Mostly ambitious, Rats surround themselves with close friends who are equally ambitious. The Rat can work extremely hard, but can easily enlist the support of others to help. The Rat manages money well, and will go to extraordinary lengths to keep it, as it represents security. Although the Rat can be generous, their love for money can sometimes turn to greed. Rats can also tend to collect and hoard things, and they will struggle to part with anything, even if they are starving. The Rat has the great ability to cope in a crisis, and they can make great business people, writers, and historians.

Years of the Rat - 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008.

Ingredients: Sweet potatoes, artichokes, persimmons, rock-melon, coconut,