Year of the Rooster


Above all, Roosters do not like disorganisation. Always precise and efficient, Roosters are critical to a fault, and never have an over-abundance of natural tact and sensitivity. The most combative of all signs, the rooster never shies away from a fight. They will try to convert everyone to their way of thinking and they love the limelight, as they think they deserve it, and partly because they are secretly convinced that they don't. Although the rooster is bossy by nature, they do possess a great sense of humour and good social skills.

The Rooster can be interfering and meddlesome, but they will never desert you in your hour of need, even if you ask them to. They are great with organising money, yours or their own, and they are generous with those they love. Roosters never have to range far to make their way in the world, and they achieve success and wealth in the most ordinary places and circumstances. However, they need to keep perspective of their own sense of self-importance.


Years of the Rooster - 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017

Ingredients: Artichokes, spring onion, capsicum, coconut, tarot, custard apple, turnips.