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I'm really doing this!

I'm am so excited to officially announce to the world that I'm going to publish a book of my artwork, scheduled for release in May 2016.

Titled "Unearthly", it will be a book of unconventional portraits of inspirational woman, and their stories. I've already documented three portraits here:

The finished book will contain a series of surreal and captivating images of many woman, each accompanied by a personal story that relates directly to the portrait. Proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to support Barnardos Australia, who is one of the leading child protection charities in Australia.

The subjects of this photographic series will span the spectrum of ordinary women with captivating stories, to high profile women within their area of expertise. Each portrait will represent an element, an aspiration, a narrative, or a connection with the subject, and this will be visually transformed and recreated in the final image by the artist. The finished portraits aim to capture the essence of each woman in a very unconventional and unique visual depiction.

My intention of the portrait series is to transform an aspect of each woman’s story into something magical and special, and to promote the idea of all kinds of women overcoming difficult challenges to achieve extraordinary things.

The whole portrait process has pushed some women outside their emotional comfort zones, but this is where the extraordinary happens! The combination of the portraits and the stories will connect with an audience of women (and men) as common experiences and emotions are shared. We all face obstacles, but we can still rise above our circumstances to achieve great things. Understanding through stories and images what others have faced and overcome is how we find true inspiration.”

The Unearthly portrait series will be reproduced as a full colour printed book that will be pre-sold online for release in May 2016, with each portrait accompanied by a story, and including behind-the-scenes photos at various stages of the project. The book will be available as a Limited Edition, as well as the standard version. A large portion of each sale will go directly to Barnardos Australia.

View the current series to date here:

You can follow the journey of the creation and the behind the scenes view into each portrait by signing up to my email newsletter on this website, and also following Carrie Webster Artist on Facebook.

Who are the inspirational women in you life?



April 22, 2015 — Carrie Webster

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