The Hairy Nosed Hornbee, a distant relative to the wombat, is seen here in his natural habitat in an underground dwelling. Highly intelligent and incredibly shy, you would be lucky to see one in a lifetime. They are especially scared of children, and sometimes eat them.

He is completely paralysed by fear, which is a common state of being for this strange, and kind of cute, creature. However, the protagonist, really just wants to feed him milk and cookies. Sadly, he has missed out on so many life adventures through his own self-induced fear. [You can buy this print here].

Everything you have always wanted is on the other side of fear.

Here is the initial monster creation, before he had a name. I used lots of different fruits and vegetables to create this guy, including oranges, turnips, sweet potatoes, persimmons and asparagus.

Below is the original before photo of Portia on the kitchen bench (in my sophisticated home studio peering... well, into the kitchen bench. And the after shot below when transposed into the image. There are two main differences in the before and after photo of Portia (apart from the obvious). The plait was changed, and the right hand was also moved using photoshop.

Note that I originally had some daisies in the image before substituting for milk and cookies. Much more tempting for a monster, don't you agree?

Below is the original sand photograph which was taken on a recent trip to New Zealand at a beach called Hokitika. The sand was actually very grey.

And here are those delicious milk and cookies that the little monster is missing out on...

Everything you have always wanted is on the other side of fear.

May 09, 2015 — Carrie Webster

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