Earthly Angel


I first met Megan in 2010, in my “day” job. I liked her immediately, and was struck by her honest and forthright approach, her no-nonsense nature, and her groundedness. We have gradually formed a strong friendship over the past five years, and during this time she has revealed more of her spiritual side that has both intrigued me, and provoked my curious nature. Far from my first impressions of a “what you see is what you get” persona, there was far, far more to Megan than I could ever have imagined.

Megan’s story is about love, grief, healing and spirituality, and the final portrait captures a true reflection of Megan’s soul, which emanates warmth and inner beauty. Megan bought the key seen around her neck when she separated from her husband. It symbolises the key to Megan’s future which is never far from her heart.

You can read Megan’s full story in the Unearthly book to be published in 2106. You can see the behind the scenes story by clicking here.